Terms and Conditions

By requesting or handing over and over ends of property documents in electronic form as by email comes into a brokerage contract (real estate). If the Internet or offer a hint for a brokerage commission for referring a property, the customer must also pay the said commission offer on the Internet or if he only learns by phone CVM the address and contact details of the seller. This also applies if the prospective buyer purchases the property at a later date. (BGH III ZR 62/11).

Our documents and communications are intended only for the person interested. Disclosure to third parties is prohibited. An infringement liable to pay both the buyer and the seller commission, if this is not paid by the Parties.

By signing the contract matter, the commission is earned and will be due for payment immediately upon invoicing by the CVM GmbH. The commission is payable each plus VAT.

Comes between the interested party and the owner, founder, developer of the property offered or its successors other than the one originally envisaged or another real estate transaction is concluded, or does the prospect of the detected objects use other legal means such as in a forced or voluntary auction, due in public bidding or tender procedure, also deserves to transfer to companies in the ground lease of creditors, hire instead of buying, so the commission to pay.

If due to our agency or our first proof of a rental or lease of the object made and executed at a later time of purchase of the property or the purchase be made only after completion of the real estate contract, the commission exists also. The commission paid for the rental / lease will be charged.

The brokerage fee is also created when the transaction takes place through the self-interested, in whole or in part by his spouse or close relatives or relatives or those natural or legal persons who are to him in a corporate relationship.

If the consignee as presented by us is already known, he has us immediately, at the latest within eight days, in writing, enclosing the source. He fails to do so, he recognizes our continued activity in this matter as a case for the conclusion Causative.

We are to be fully authorized to act for the other party and to serve us sub brokers.

We have a right to be present at the contract and immediately issuing a duplicate or copy of the contract and all ancillary agreements relating thereto as are relevant for the calculation and maturity of the broker salary of importance.

The CVM is not liable for the creditworthiness of the mediated Party.

Our Internet offer is object detection. Note to our customers, the users of our services and all of our prospective real estate deals broker salary - Brokerage - Expose '. It is possible that the prospect recognizes and identifies the object on our website, for this case is expressly pointed out that our terms and conditions and access is also recognized by the following interested parties: By leveraging the proven facts & data, or by negotiations the seller / owner or with us, the prospect recognizes our right to commission / brokerage to pay irrevocable.

The CVM GmbH is entitled for both parties - buyer and seller - commission-fee to be active. The entitlement to a commission is earned signature of proven or brokered contract opportunity (certification). The exposé made in property-related information provided by the seller / owner and have not been verified by us. Remain subject to prior usage reserved. All information is subject to change and are based on information that has been provided by the seller or client. We take no responsibility for the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of this information.

Claim in contract, replacement business: If the mediated contract us matter, effectively challenged due to circumstances that / is responsible developer, the owner / buyer / initiator, as liquidated damages, the amount owed, which would have granted us existence of contractual arrangements as commission . A claim for refund is not in this case.

The Terms apply to German territory, in Switzerland, Spain, Italy and France and also for foreign buyers and tenants where a purchase / rental property is verified by us.

Fulfillment and - unless the recipient is a merchant - jurisdiction is the seat of the CVM GmbH The contractual relationship governed by German law.

If (s) one or more provisions are wholly or partially invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Retrospective effect similar as possible to a scheme which meets the purpose of the intended regulation closest to the place of the invalid provisions.

Note: (property on the islands of Sylt, Fohr, Amrum)
The specified residential and land are the bright, space limited wall space or apses measured along the plaster surfaces. They are not, as in the calculation according to DIN, through a pitched roof and the same reduced, but cover the entire planned area "Sylt measure". Stairs inside the unit are calculated as area.

Brokerage rates
For the proof of the opportunity to conclude a contract or the negotiation of a contract, if successful, we will charge the following commission:

Agency commission rate (unless otherwise noted)

a) for the detection or exchange (purchase or sale) of home-
and property and the purchase price of condominiums 5.95%

b) detecting or placement of leaseholds on the market value
5.95% of the land

c) For proof came from the foreclosure sale or exchange
Property from the successful bidder. 5.95%

d) detecting or placement of objects annuity, calculated
plus on the basis of 7.5 times the annual pension. Preloads 5.95%

e) evidence or arranging leases for living rooms
2.38 months rent

f) For the proof or the provision of rental or lease agreements of commercial premises

- For contracts up to 3 years 1.79 months rent
- For contracts up to 5 years 2.38 months rent
- For contracts up to 10 years 3.57 months rent
- The granting of an option or a Vormietrechtes per 1,79 monthly rents

(Sets each including VAT, currently 19% =)

Basis of calculation

The commission is calculated from the total economic value of proven or mediated agreement. By this is plus for purchase contracts, the purchase price. any ancillary costs, undeveloped leaseholds in the market value of the property in foreclosure properties on the hammer price and at lease understand the agreed rent.

Should the above conditions be invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected and the invalid terms and conditions shall be replaced by their economic and legal content the next coming financial condition. The same applies to a loophole.

If sections or individual formulations of this text are not, no longer or not completely correspond to the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in their content and validity.

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